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Supporting You on Your Path to Personal Transformation

Japanese kanji of "shugyo." Custom brushwork created by Bruno Smith exclusively for Shugyo Press. All rights reserved.

Shugyo Press publishes books, booklets, workbooks, and other materials designed to support beginners of all ages and abilities in martial arts, fitness, and new pursuits of any kind.

Our works included personal stories of transformation, as well as practical lessons and experiences, from martial arts, fitness, horsemanship, music, and other lifelong practices.


Shugyo is a Japanese word. It means practice. Not practice like practicing the guitar for an hour a day (that’s keiko), but practice in the sense of practicing a religion or practicing a craft — an intentional and constant exploration that affects one’s entire life.

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Linda Eskin
Linda Eskin

Linda is a nidan (2nd-degree black belt) in Aikido, a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, kettlebell instructor, with a background in psychology, technical communication, user experience analysis, coaching/mentoring, music, and equestrian interests. Her powerful empathy for those just starting out led her to encourage others through her coaching and writing.