Shugyo Press specializes in publishing books sharing personal experiences and practical tips from people engaged in the martial arts, horsemanship, and other lifelong transformational practices.


We are beginning with e-books, selling through major Internet e-book retailers. We plan to expand into print books in late 2013.



If you have something important to say, but you don't have the time or mindspace to devote to writing it down, we can help. Using informal interviews and chats, and your rough notes, we can help you craft a quality book to get your ideas into the public arena.


E-Book Formatting

Whether you have a finished book, or a first draft, we can help you create a professional looking e-book, and get it to market, whether you want to sell through Shugyo Press, or publish it on your own.


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Shugyo Press

Shugyo means practice. Not practice like practicing the guitar for an hour a day. Practice in the sense of practicing a religion or practicing meditation - an intentional and constant awareness.

Shugyo Press publishes personal stories of transformation, as well as practical tips and experiences, from martial arts, horsemanship, and other lifelong practices.

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