Linda Eskin

Writer, Aikido student, horseperson, organizer of information, backyard naturalist, occasional photographer, and maker of big green salads. Linda lives in rural San Diego County, California, with her husband, Michael, their two donkeys, Eeyore and Clementine, a few cats, and an acre of old avocado trees.


Linda's first book, "A Bowl of Love — How to Make A Big Green Dojo Potluck Salad," will be released in February 2013.


Additional books in the works include personal reflections on her experiences in her practice of Aikido, and practical tips for students. She also plans to write a series of books on horsemanship and horse keeping, featuring some lessons she learned the hard way.


Linda Eskin


Shugyo Press

Shugyo means practice. Not practice like practicing the guitar for an hour a day. Practice in the sense of practicing a religion or practicing meditation - an intentional and constant awareness.

Shugyo Press publishes personal stories of transformation, as well as practical tips and experiences, from martial arts, horsemanship, and other lifelong practices.

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